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    • Light hold, takes away frizz
    • Gives texture to hair, adds volume
    • Helps in hair growth
    • Good for dry scalp

    D.R. Harris Bay Rum Hair Lotion with 1/4 oil is an excellent solution for people with major flyaway problems, hair that tends to get frayed or split, and people who live in dry climates. That little bit of oil added to the mix is just enough to keep moisture in, but it's not quite so much that the hair is going to end up looking weighed down. Combined with a good shampoo, this will offer you a great way to keep everything about your style looking great.

    This comes in a 100ml bottle with a really excellent looking label on it, which harkens back to the more old-school typography and design you would've seen in the early 20th century or even the Victorian era. It has a lot of class and that carries through to the product itself. This product happens to contain no alcohol, which makes it particularly good for people who have a dry scalp and who can't tolerate the drying effects that alcohol can cause. It will make you look stylish, it smells very good and, when you want an old-school look to give yourself a little bit of class, this is one of the products that you should be looking at.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in England.

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