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    The esteemed line of D.R. Harris has done it again with another quality product that is sure to please. This time, they've crafted beautifully embossed glass jar candles that are delicately scented with their most popular fragrances. These candles are created with all organic plant wax blended with fragrant essential oils. The results are lovely and long lasting, with the duration of each candle's burn over 40 hours long. These candles gently fragrance your home. Or fill a friend's home with their wonderful aroma--these candles make great gifts!

    The Frankincense, Cedarwood & Amber scent is a lovely way to bring the cool forest inside. Amber gives the fragrance warmth and makes this candle the perfect thing to light during the cold winter months. Picture a forest or, just light up this candle and you'll be picturing one soon enough. The blend is also referred to as the Faith blend and it is a perfect choice for some holiday ambiance. The scent is the same high quality you'd expect from this manufacturer, well known for their excellent grooming products. This votive continues in that tradition, offering very high-end ingredients and an elegant feel.

    Made in England.

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