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    • Luxurious hair conditioner
    • With coconut oil and aloe
    • Coordinating shampoo sold separately

    D.R. Harris has been in the grooming business since well-before coconut oil took the internet by storm. In fact, DR Harris made a name of themselves in an era when electronics (let alone internet) hadn't even been envisioned. Since 1790 they have been crafting and selling luxurious grooming products, like DR Harris Coconut Oil Conditioner, 250ml.
    D.R. Harris Coconut Oil Cream Conditioner in the 250ml size combines two great substances for your hair. Coconut oil offers excellent moisturizing properties; it's famous for being able to control flyaways; it protects you against sustaining damage from the sun, wind, and dryness. Aloe has nurturing properties and it also gives your locks a very finished and smooth appearance. Combine the two and you have an excellent hair product that is certain to make anybody's hair look much better -- all day long.

    This is a very mild conditioner. It is excellent for people with particularly sensitive scalps and for people who don't tolerate artificial ingredients very well. It comes in a cream form, which is very easy to apply. A little bit goes a very long way with this product - as is the case with anything with coconut oil in it, so it takes very little to give your locks the finished, clean and healthy appearance that you're looking for. Combine this conditioner with the matching shampoo. Now both products come in an elegant bottle for ease of use.

    Size: 250ml

    Made in England

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