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    If you're having trouble with razor burn, a cream might be what you need. This D.R. Harris Eucalyptus Shaving Cream Bowl contains an incredibly soothing formulation with the level of quality you'd expect from this manufacturer. This is really a great choice for guys with skin that doesn't take too well to a shave. The eucalyptus has a cooling effect, and it revitalizes the skin. You'll also notice the great smell, of course, and this is a manufacture that cuts no corners in terms of quality, so you'll smell like you use high-end products.

    One of the problems that guys with razor rash and other issues have is oftentimes related to using cheap products. Drugstore foams break down long before you're finished shaving, and that means that you end up getting the blade right on your flesh, where it skips, bounces, hacks, and nicks. With good soap, that doesn't happen and the lather lasts for your entire shave. A good brush adds another face-saving element to your arsenal, providing you with the ability to really lift up your whiskers. Apply the lubricant densely to get the most out of the bowl when you're ready to shave

    Size: 150g

    Made in England.

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