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    The D.R. Harris Eucalyptus Shaving Cream Tube is 75g of pure luxury. Because it does come in a tube, it's great for taking on the road with you. You'll find that it provides excellent protection against razor burn and nicks, giving you a fresh feeling when you're done grooming. It provides a very controlled dispensing and applications method that makes it great for people who can't stand a mess.

    The shaving cream comes with aloe and menthol in it. Combined with the glycerin, that means that you have plenty of lubrication, a healing element, and a refreshing finish that leaves you feeling clean and your skin smooth and ready to face the day. Try this out and you'll never want to go back to that stuff you get at drugstores. This is, quite simply, the real deal, and it comes from a manufacturer whose reputation for excellence is well deserved. As one more tip for those with faces that need a bit of extra protection, get a good razor. It makes all the difference.

    Size: 75g

    Made in England.

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