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    • Marlborough shaving cream is great for sensitive skin
    • Creates a rich lather
    • Protects skin and takes down stubble
    • Classic masculine fragrance of sandalwood and cedar


    D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Cream Bowl doesn't smell like you might be thinking. Marlborough is actually a great blend of cedar and sandalwood. This is a very refined scent. The cedar gives it a bit of bite, making it refreshing. The sandalwood smell is heavier and very stately, allowing you to really enjoy lathering up and getting ready to give your follicles some attention.

    Go for the entire ritual just like your granddad did and get a brush and whip up a lather the old fashioned way. The lubrication you get using bristles is excellent and is particularly good for those who have sensitive skin.

    You can take a look at a broad selection of brushes and choose the one that appeals to you the most. With this cream and a good set of bristles to work up some lather, you will not be disappointed and you'll be, in fact, very happy to get up, put on some lather and take down the stubble from the day and night before. Good soap makes it a joy, and this English-made product really does a great job of making hygiene enjoyable.

    Size: 150g

    Made in England.

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