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    • Great for on the go, compact tube for travel
    • Easy to make lather, protects face
    • A refined fragrance of earthy and cedar notes

    The D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Cream Tube is great for people who are on the go or who are at home. The bottom line is that this is real shaving cream, not the stuff that's marketed as such but that doesn't fit the bill. This product is designed to moisturize the skin, soften the whiskers and make shaving a lot more pleasant, particularly for people who have very sensitive skin. So grab and quality brush and get to lathering.

    This very rich formula provides a lot of lubrication for your razor. The Marlborough scent has notes of sandalwood and cedar in it, which lend a very refined, subtle smell. It's not the sort of overpowering, soapy smell that you get from the cheaper products you might pick up at a grocery store. This grooming supply will get plenty of moisture in your whiskers, making them very easy for the razor to cut. It also keeps a nice, thick layer underneath that razor blade, and that can go a long way toward preventing abrasions and other issues.

    Size: 75g

    Made in England.

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