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D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap in Beech Wood Bowl

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If you're getting a lousy shave, it might be the products that you're using. Even a very good razor will underperform if you're not using the right lubricant. Connoisseurs of a good shave have long known that shaving soap is the best way to go and this D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap in Beech Wood Bowl is really beyond excellent.

The product has a woody smell to it, with notes of cedar and sandalwood. When you lather it on with your favorite brush, you'll find your face ready to stand up to the toughest shave. The moisture softens your follicles and the lubrication puts a barrier between your skin and the blade, keeping it safe from nicks, cuts and other issues. Use it regularly and you'll likely notice that your skin tone improves over all, simply because you're not traumatizing the sensitive tissue on your face every morning.

There's another great advantage to this option over cheap drugstore foam. When you're out, you just get a refill, which really cuts down on waste. It's the way your grandfather did things and, in this regard, the old fashioned way really has a lot to offer in terms of performance and in making sustainable choices.

Size: 100g

Made in England.

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H K.
  • Value for Money

Good soap awkward sent

The soap lathers up very nicely, I have no problems working up a lather that last and doesn't dry out on my face. However the first time I tried it I thought the badger smell had returned to my brush. Then I realized it was the sent in the soap. The sent has a definite tobacco aroma with a woodsy, rotting leaves background. It's not what I expected and I will use it up but I will not order this sent again. Others may like this aroma but it just isn't for me.

Benjamin E.
  • Value for Money

Great lathering, old-school but refined scent

This soap lathers really well. You don't need to load the brush for too long before you have a ton in it, and it doesn't need a lot of additions of water before it starts to get a matte shine and soft peaks. The lather is rich and protective. I really enjoy the scent. It reminds me a lot of Tabac, but with the floral/musky notes dialed down a bit, and with a hint of smokiness at the end. It is so nice, but it's also a pretty weakly scented soap, very restrained. I'd like it if the scent were just a little bolder, but other than that, this soap is awesome, and the wooden bowl adds a touch of class.

Jacob G.

A Sophisticated and Manly Classic

I was immediately taken by the complexity of the scent of this soap. It's a woody mix of cedar and sandalwood with a dry note of tobacco that ties everything together beautifully. The soap performs admirably, whipping up into a good, creamy lather. If you enjoy the scent, follow it up with the D.R. Harris Marlborough Cologne; you won't be sorry!