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The D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill offers a practical solution to prolonging the life of your grooming essentials. In a world where grooming products span from disposable to durable items, this refill falls into the latter category, allowing you to maximize the utility of your shaving bowl or mug. With a generous 100g refill, you can rest assured that your investment will last, providing you with numerous high-quality shaves without the need for frequent replacement. Not only does this refill offer economical benefits, but it also boasts a captivating woody scent that exudes sophistication and refinement. Blending notes of cedar and sandalwood, it embodies a distinguished aura ideal for the discerning gentleman who appreciates a luxurious grooming experience.

The exceptional lathering properties of this shaving soap refill ensure a smooth and comfortable shave, elevating your grooming routine to new heights. Paired with a high-quality brush, the rich lather softens your follicles, facilitating a close and precise shave for a polished appearance. As you indulge in the ritual of grooming, the invigorating scent envelops you, instilling a sense of confidence and readiness to conquer the day ahead. With D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill, grooming becomes more than just a routine task—it becomes a luxurious and transformative experience that sets the tone for a successful day.

Made in England

Size: 100g

  • Brand: D.R. Harris
  • Type: Shaving Soap

D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap Refill

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