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    • Voluminously lathering shampoo bar from D.R. Harris
    • Infused with Dead Sea Salts for rejuvenating dull hair
    • Environmentally-friendly

    Established in 1790, D.R. Harris apothecary began serving the gentry with lavender water, perfumes, and colognes. Today their full-line of soaps, creams, cleansers, and more still supply the needs of discerning costumers the world over.

    The Ocean Shampoo Bar is one such product in their extensive range of grooming essentials. Made with Dead Sea salts, this cleanser will thicken thinning hair and bring new life to dull, lusterless locks. With D.R. Harris shampoo bars, you can be sure people will notice your refined and impeccable appearance.

    In spite of their Old World charm, D.R. Harris has very modern sensibilities. Shampoo bars are economical and environmentally-friendly as they lather voluminously, meaning you use less. They come in a reusable aluminum tin which is perfect for travel. In addition, all coloring is vegetable/food sourced and earth-friendly.

    Try the whole line: D.R. Harris Coconut, Rosemary, and Arlington Shampoo Bars.

    Size: 50g

    Made in England

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