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    • Great protection against sensitive skin
    • Produces a creamy lather great for any razor
    • Helps with dryness and irritation
    • A light rose scent, not overpowering


    The D.R. Harris Rose Shaving Cream Bowl has a very traditional scent that is surprisingly masculine. This is a concentrated cream, which produces a very thick lather. It is absolutely perfect for men who have trouble with sensitive skin and who just can't get enough lubrication out of other products. You can also pick this product up in a tube form, which is perfect when you are out on the road.

    This is a very flexible shaving product. It lathers up a nice mound of white froth. If you really have sensitive skin, believe it or not, learning how to use a straight razor properly and using a product such as this on your skin can really go a long way toward helping prevent the sort of abrasions and other issues that men with those dryness problems tend to have. Try this out and you will certainly notice the difference. Particularly for men who prefer an aroma that isn't quite as heavy as some of the wood and citrus scents, rose is ideal. It's noticeable enough to smell great, but it is not nearly strong enough to bother those with a particularly sensitive nose.

    Made in England

    Size: 150g

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