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30% Off All WCS Shaving Stands

D.R. Harris Safety Razor, Ivory/Chrome


This D.R. Harris Safety Razor in ivory and chrome has a classic design that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Hang this up in a razor stand next to the sink and anyone who sees it will know that you know what you're doing when it comes to grooming. These are very easy to use and, in fact, there are innumerable different brands of blades that you can put in this device and get a great shave, so be sure to pick up an assortment of blades to try out with it.One of the greatest things about these shaving accessories is that they are very easy on waste. Rather than throwing away a set of blades and the handle, you simply slip the used blade into the container...
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Elegance has its merit

This beautiful english-made razor - like its compatriots made by Edwin Jagger - costs more than the german razors made by Merkur and by Muhle, though it isn't superior to them as far as performance goes. But as soon as I set my eyes on it I knew I had to buy it - the craftsmanship is awesome ! I adore the faux ivory handle on this one and on the Edwin Jagger Plaza (another british acquisition of mine) Having said that, I must emphasize the D.R.Harris performs very well, too. A mild and forgiving razor.

Ron Swanson

Good stuff

At first I was concerned with this "safety" razor because as a man of my stature, I find it important to live life on the edge. I tend to take risks because, I'm a man. I like to keep my mustache trimmed and shave the rest of my face as not to be confused with a mountain man or a hipster. This razor made me feel smooth and clean without losing my masuclinity. My wife also uses this razor on her mustache as well. It shaves it clean off without having to put her in a circus freak show. We've contemplated that idea but thanks to this razor she can live with us and not have to travel the country in a tent.


Great Razor

This razor from D.R. Harris utilizes the same head as the Muhle R89 safety razor. I own both this razor and the R89, and I find that both provide similar, excellent results. My experience with this razor has led me to the conclusion that it is a well-built shaving tool that should last for many years, hopefully, a lifetime. While the handle of this razor is made of plastic, the overall appearance of this razor is truly a sight to behold. I believe any wet shaver who spends some quality time with this razor will ultimately be impressed. An additional note about the Muhle razor head: I have personally found the Muhle razor heads to be superior to the Merkur razor heads. Both perform well, but I always get better results with less irritation when I shave with a razor utilizing a Muhle razor head.



I have been using multi blade plastic razors for many years, and forgot what a real close shave felt like. I'm very pleased with the quality and performance of this razor. It's been a long time since I've used one, and not a "nick" anywhere.

Tom Jonas

Well made, good for beginners and pros alike

I like this razor a great deal, as it IS a great deal. Excellent fit and finish combined with easy cleaning, both while in use, and after use. I like the heftiness and the overall "feel" of this razor. Combined with Personna blades, this razor gives me an excellent shave with minimal fuss. Fantastic bang for the buck too. Highly recommended.