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    • D.R. Harris shaving soap in a convenient plastic tube
    • Scented with Windsor fragrance
    • Perfect for travel


    If you want a little bit of a tidier way to take advantage of a luxurious, high end soap to shave with, the D.R. Harris Windsor Shaving Stick has what you need. The Windsor scent is very popular, and it's complex enough that it evolves in a wonderful way after you put it on. It starts out quite citrusy but, as it dries, it takes on the smell of black pepper, vetiver and patchouli, giving an incredibly refined result.

    To use this product, you simply twist it up in the same fashion as you would a stick of deodorant. You can use a brush to get the lather going and, once you do, that lather will provide plenty of lubrication and have the great aroma that makes shaving with this product feel great.

    It's made in England, comes in a handy 40 g size and, because of the way it is dispensed, it makes an ideal travel item that allows you to keep good grooming habits, even when you are out on the road.

    Size: 40g

    Made in England