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    • Hand-tied shaving brush
    • Silvertip hair in a thin, metal handle
    • Designed for travel with vented lid and retractable handle


    Da Vinci has roots in brush making that extend as far back as 1890. And that traditional brush making mentality still applies today. Since the 1950s they have focused on cosmetic brushes, inspired by the influence of DaVinci's Marianne Defet. Just recently they turned their sights to shaving brushes. They bring the same design flair, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional function to these brushes as well.

    Da Vinci's OUMO travel shaving brush takes a new spin on travel packaging. The knot of 100% silvertip badger is set in a retractable metal casing for travel use. It's quite thin and very easy to pack in your dopp bag. Even on the go, you can take your top-of-the-line silvertip hair with you. The strong, elastic bristles help create the lather you crave and give a pleasing massage on your face. And you don't have to worry about them being damaged when you use this retractable handle. It also boasts a vent system in the lid to ensure that the head can dry, even in a closed condition.

    Da Vinci completely dresses all their own hair in-house and is the only 100% green, eco-friendly brush factory in the world. Quality, through and through, when you get Da Vinci.

    • Height: 134mm
    • Loft: 44mm
    • Base: 90mm
    • Knot: 16mm
    • Hair: Silvertip Badger

    (Dimensions are approximations)

    Made in Germany

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