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    • Great for taming hair, medium hold
    • Medium shine, no flakiness in hair
    • Water-based styling pomade
    • Created with a vanilla and honey fragrance

    Versatile, slick, and professional : these are the three things that greatly define Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade. With this nifty grooming product, you can easily tame your unruly hair and create a variety of styles for any occasion. Give your strands a natural-looking shine with just a small amount of this pomade, or apply a little more to get that classic and suave 1930s look.

    This styling product has a strong grip that prevents your hair from being disheveled. But unlike other pomades on the market, it doesn't harden too much. Its strong yet pliable quality allows you to restyle your hair if you suddenly feel that your look is out of place. To make it easier, it's recommended that you use a damp comb when changing your :do.

    Most men have inhibitions when they see styling products because they think that it's filled with grease and fatty ingredients. Throw your fears out the window because Dapper Dan's special formulation is water-based. You have the freedom to experiment on different styles all day, but rest assured that the pomade can easily be removed by rinsing it with water.

    Please note, the packaging has been updated. This product now comes in a new dark brown tin.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in England

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