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MLK Jr. 1 Day Only Sale: 8% Off $50, 10% Off $75, 15% Off $100 +
MLK Jr. 1 Day Only Sale: 8% Off $50, 10% Off $75, 15% Off $100 +

Dapper Dan Matt Clay

  • Superb strong hold for styling
  • Matte, no shiny appearance
  • Easy to wash out with water-based formula
  • Masculine sandalwood scent

Nicely pressed clothes ready to be worn, a set of after shave cream and razor for the clean look, different colognes to choose from for the irresistible scent, a pack of facial treatment for a refreshing appearance; all of these essentials in your grooming kit to make sure you're clean, neat, and sexy anytime and anywhere. Don't you think you're missing something? Yup, it's the perfect styling product for your hair. Complete your styling essentials with the Dapper Dan Matt Clay.

Whatever :do you want to try, this styling clay will definitely get you there. It has a superb strong hold. Apply a tiny amount, and then brush up, spike up, or slick back to your heart's content. Use more if needed for more complicated and detailed styles. The gentle hint of vintage sandalwood will give you that sexy, masculine scent. Its smell is not too overwhelming, just the right blend to spice you up for a more striking appearance.

Get your hands on the Dapper Dan Matt Clay and get started on varying your look every day of the week. Size: 100 ml

Made In England.