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    • Strong hold and adds volume
    • Powerful adding moisture and high shine to the hair
    • Made of beeswax, petroleum based
    • Slight sweet honey and fruit oil scent

    If you have dry hair, DAX Green & Gold is for you. This bright yellow pomade packs a powerful hydrating punch. Made from beeswax and natural oils (jojoba, safflower, and olive oils), DAX Green & Gold helps build volume, adds glossy shine and nourishing moisture, and gives your hair a softer and more manageable look and feel, all while reducing breakage. It has the same sweet and subtle scent that all DAX styling products are known for and works well for straight, curly or coarse hair. This hydrating wonder wax is the jack of all trades and great to keep on hand for when the weather outside gets dry and your hair starts to feel brittle.

    Size: 3.5oz

    Made in the USA.

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