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    • Leave-in, daily use hair conditioner from Dax
    • Enriched with vitamins and minerals to moisturize, strengthen, and add shine
    • Good for all hair types and lengths


    Food for hair? Whaaat? Yep! Using a good conditioner is like food for your hair - giving it the nourishment it needs to grow strong, health locks that you can style and trim and spike to your heart's content. Dax is known for its outstanding hair care products and their Hair Food Plus 4 is no exception.

    Enriched with special ingredients, it leaves hair healthy and manageable. Daily use can even help promote a health scalp, the basis for a great head of hair.

    It contains:

    • Mineral oil to help reduce frizz and provide a health shine.
    • Vitamin A & E are antioxidants to promote health at a cellular level, prevent split ends, enhance hair growth, and add shine.
    • Vitamin D3 has been shown to reduce hair loss
    • Panthenol is a naturally derived oil that has excellent moisturizing qualities
    • Wheat Protein strengthens hair by helping it retain moisture.

    This product is great for all hair types - straight, curly, or coarse. And it can be used in any length as well. Just rub the desired amount between your palms and work through hair and massage into scalp. You will find you get the best results if you use it daily.

    Take care of your hair and it will take care of you!

    Size: 7.5oz/214g

    Made in the USA