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  • Sample pack of safety razor blades
  • Each box contains 5 blades
  • Includes 5 popular brands

Embrace a classic wet shaver with a sampler pack of double edge razor blades from West Coast Shaving. We got our start making these sample packs to help new (and seasoned) wet shavers find the right blade for them.

Finding the right blade can be daunting. It involves personal preference, individual shaving technique, and skin type, not to mention razor type and frequency of shaving. There are many elements so WCS set out to make one thing easier. They created a one-stop-pack for some popular blades that classic shavers could try to narrow down their decision. Instead of spending on bulk blades or hunting down hard to find brands, they sourced them and create packs perfet for boosting your shave efficiency.

Check out this Boost pack, with 5 popular brands.

  • ASCO Super Stainless Orange
  • Big Ben Stainless Steel
  • Crown Super Stainless
  • Lord Racer - Blue or Treet Yellow Dura Sharp
  • Zorrick Super Stainless

  • SKU: RB-SAM-009
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Razor Blades

DE Blade Sampler Pack, Boost

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