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Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

53 reviews
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  • Double Edge razor blade by Derby
  • Long-lasting lifespan
  • Plated with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum

Derby razor blades are a product of Azmusebat from Turkey. For well over fifty years, this company has been a wholesaler for luxurious ironmongery, focusing specifically on razors. You can get the benefits of their state of the art equipment and materials. Try Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, a popular choice among wet-shavers around the world.

These standard double edge blades will fit any DE safety razor. These stainless steel blades are further plated with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum to ensure a smooth, safe, irritation-free shave. All Derby blades are perforated, hardened, and ground by utilizing the most advanced equipment. These advances give optimum edge strength for a long-lasting lifespan.

Get the 5 pack to give it a try or the economical 100 pack when you know you love it.

Size: Pack of 5 blades

Made in Turkey

Customer Reviews
3.4 Based on 53 Reviews
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Clint m.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Not bad not great

These blades are very smooth and sharp. With that being said. They worked great for a day or two growth. I had no irritation with them. I would imagine if you have sensitive skin or a sun burn. These blades would work great. Now if you got three or more days of heavy growth. I'd use a more aggressive blade for it. I made about one an a half passes on my head. I had to stop and switch out for an astra green. The derby blade was pulling the hair vs cutting. So I'd give it five stars for light growth and three for heavy. I would recommend it if you have sensitive skin or shave every couple of days. It's a very quality product and blades are package well. If you have thicker hair or go longer in between shaves. I'd look at a more aggressive blade. Such as an Astra or polslive.

Bernard R.
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Wonderful Blade - Smooth Shave

I tried several brands. I picked a sample of blades. Astra, Feather, Personna, Crystal, and Derby. This is one of my favorite blades. I really like the way they number the corners, so I can remember to flip the blade over. I have had 3 shaves so far and anticipate the 4th shave will be as smooth as the last 3. I really enjoy them.

Kevin M.
Above average blade

I'm trying these because the Lord blades I love seem to have changed. This is good, not crazy aggressive, and allows a close shave. I'm a little prone to irritation, though, so I'm looking for an ultra-smooth edge. I will certainly use these but may continue to shop and compare.

Jonathan N.
  • Value for Money
Tough on facial hair, not your skin!

After trying the Feather double edge razor blades, because I heard they were the sharpest and longest lasting, I knew I needed to do some more careful research for purchasing the right blades for my sensitive skin. After a few minutes online between product reviews and YouTube tutorials and recommendations, I confidently decided to purchase the Derby Extras. What drew me to these were 1. Excellent price 2. Strict quality control standards from the Turkish manufacturer 3. Stated to be the best for sensitive skin 4. Several different coatings for longevity and performance. After only one shave with these, even with two weeks of beard growth, I had the most comfortable and closest shave ever! I was even able to go against the grain without irritation, nicks, or bumps! So these are now my permanent go to double edge blades. I'm stocking up for the long haul!! I highly recommend these for any guy who has even the slightest bit of skin sensitivity.

  • Value for Money
Twice is a Charm

I tried these blades when I first began wet shaving three years ago. They came with my EJ razor. I. Hated. Them. I tried Sharks, Gillette Silver Blue (which I remember liking), store brand Personna, Wilkinson Sword (which I love ��� bought a 100-pack), Merkur, And currently working on an Astra green 100-pack. I'm not having particularly good luck with the Astras; they have a good subjective feel, but it seems like I nick myself with them Every. Single. Day. (This isn't technique ��� I rarely cut myself with Wilkinsons or Gillettes.). So, I thought I'd try some other blades. My face is very sensitive, and I have light growth, so I was looking for something not as aggressive as Astras, and Wilkinsons are more than I want to pay for blades. I ordered a pack of Derbys, and I have to say I've completely changed my mind about them. They're not as subjectively smooth as wilkinsons, but they just don't irritate my face like Wilkinsons and Astras do. My loathing of Derbys early on was spurred by lack of technique, I believe. I don't think these blades are for everyone, but for a light beard and sensitive skin, they work wonders with a light touch. Still using them in the EJ 89, with either Palmolive cream or Ogallala soap. My face feels better post-shave than with sharper blades, and my wallet feels better with the cheaper price. I may have found a new daily blade...