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Dominica Bay Rum Shaving Soap

5 reviews
Scented with pure essential oils from plants and flowers native to Dominica, 'The Nature Island of the Caribbean.' Made entirely by hand in small batches using all natural ingredients: coconut oil, soybean oil, purified water, bay oil, ground bay leaf, and castor oil. Ground Bay Leaf, a light exfoliator, enchances the pure essential oil of bay, which creates a soothing, healing and relaxing bathing experience.


Ingredients: Coconut oil, soybean oil, coconut milk, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, bay oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

Size: 5 oz

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Mr. Sean Nottingham
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Is this really a shaving soap?

I used it today and had a very interesting experience. The soap, albeit bubbly never could reach a state of lather that would not dissipate within seconds no matter which brush (badger nor boar) or what amount of water was added, from little to more. Also the grease content was so extraordinary it made it for an extremely precarious experience trying to hold a straight razor. Also brush clean up made me wonder if I should go out in the garage and get my tube of Goop as the oil did not seem to ever come off the brush. In addition it left my skin burning and with red marks that lasted for the remainder of the day. I don’t think I will be using this ever again. Disappointing as I had hoped it would be a compliment to my Dominica Bay Rum aftershave.

West Coast Shaving Dominica Bay Rum Shaving Soap Review
John M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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How I got this to lather.

I keep the bay rum puck in a bowl on my bathroom sink and use it regularly . During my preparation I pour water over the puck to create a bloom. I then give the puck a a brisk rub and transfer the lathered boar to a scuttle with sufficient lather for a three pass shave content from the scuttle with no further use of the puck. When I purchased this product I tried using it, but put it aside after several failed attempts to build a sufficient lather. I left the bay rum puck aside for over a year thinking I would discard it. I then decided to give it a last try using the pour over/scuttle method. I use a Feather razor\blade instrument and enjoy a good shave. By the way, I have been shaving for over sixty years and emphasize preparation as the key to a satisfactory experience. I have had the ASD2 for almost three years. It shaves like the Gillette Aristocrat that I gave away some years ago when I thought I wouldn’t have further need of a razor. What I’m saying is that I am like that bay rum puck. Just keep trying. Also, I have only known one person from the island of Dominica. Very special person. Good shaving all.

Marty C.
  • Value for Money
One of a kind!

But not in a good way. I will echo the (non) lather comments of others - simply awful, unuseable. How can such a once great A/S brand make this soap? To put in context, I have owned and used hundreds of different soaps (&creams) and this is first and only I couldn't even bring myself to free PIF for someone else to try. And 1st product ever from WCS that wasn't good product, great value. Still a WCS fan; Dominica - not so much.

Peter R.
  • Value for Money
Fading lather - it just disappears off your face.

Tried different techniques to make this soap work using synthetic, boar, and badger brushes, but without success. Lather disappears within seconds of applying it to the face.

Michael M.
  • Value for Money
Didn��t like it

Wasn't a fan of this soap. The lather kept falling apart on me and the scent (I've finally realized) for Bay Rum products i don't really like. Since I'm probably in the minority there, it doesn't matter. I have two stars instead of one because although the larger kept falling apart, the shave itself wasn't terrible and the aftershave feel was ok. Threw it out