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Crafted with precision and care in Solingen, Germany, the Dovo "Bismarck" Straight Razor exudes timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. Its 6/8" full hollow blade, meticulously honed to perfection, promises expert beard growth removal for a smooth and precise shave. The carbon steel blade is expertly engineered with the ideal balance of hardness, elasticity, and resistance to wear, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Adding to its allure are the beautiful pearl acrylic scales, which lend a touch of sophistication to this gentleman's grooming utensil. The bright and elegant appearance of the razor makes it a standout piece in any shaving den, evoking a sense of luxury and refinement. With proper care and maintenance, including keeping it dry and well-ventilated, and regular honing, this exquisite razor is poised to deliver countless exceptional shaves, making it a cherished companion for any discerning gentleman. As an homage to the renowned statesman Otto von Bismarck, this razor aptly bears his name, symbolizing power, balance, and authority in every shave with the Dovo "Bismarck" Straight Razor, Pearl Acrylic, 6/8".

Size: 6/8"

Made in the Germany

  • SKU: SR-DOV-26820
  • Brand: Dovo
  • Type: Straight Razor

Dovo 6/8" Bismarck Pearl Acrylic Straight Razor

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