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    The Dovo 183 strop features their wonderful Russian leather, which is taken from a slice below the outer skin. It has a wonderful velvety smooth surface and is more consistent then the outer later of leather more common to lesser prices strops.

    The Dovo hard linen surface is attached to both the handle and the leather, forming a loop, guaranteeing the ability to pull taught while not needed an extra handle. I find this an elegant solution and cuts down on the overall weight of the strop. Dovo treats the tightly woven linen with their white paste at the factory adding a bit of a sharpening effect. Make sure to remove the paste from your blade before stropping on the leather.

    Includes nickel plated swivel hardware for hanging and an integrated padded handle.

    Overall length: 24.5"
    Stropping surface: 2" x 15.5"

    Marked with the Col. Ichabod Conk logo.

    Made in Germany.

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