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    Vivien M.
    • Value for Money

    This is my first straight

    This is my first straight razor after 1 year of double edge, and several years of multi blades razors. This is a complete new experience. The Dovo Forestal is a great razor, comes really sharp with the honing option, ready to shave ! Looks like a razor to keep and use for a long time. The Dovo box on the other hand looks a bit cheap for the price of the razor.

    Andy W.

    My first straight razor

    I have been researching straight razor shaving for a few years and decided on this razor to be my first. Getting right to my impressions of this razor: I LOVE IT!!! First of all, I've never gotten as close as a shave as I do when I shave with this razor. It truly looks like a piece of art in my shave den. The guys at West Coast Shaving sent out my razor and I had it within three days of ordering it. I also opted on having them hone the razor for me before shipping it and I won't have to have it re-honed for a few more months because of it. I can't wait to shave each day because I know that I have this razor to look forward to.

    Barrett S.
    • Value for Money

    Great Shave, Better Looking Razor

    Huge fan of this razor. Not only does it provide a great shave (following the work of the excellent honemeister), but it truly is a beauty. It found a place among my other straights in the daily rotation. Cannot recommend highly enough!

    Donnie J.
    • Value for Money

    Dovo forestal

    Beautiful razor! The honed edge was superb. Allowing a great shave.

    brian w.
    • Value for Money

    grain of salt

    I recently purchased this (which I had been eyeing for a year) and I decided it was time to lose the disposable razor and jump into a straight razor setup. NOTE: I am new to this whole experience and I have no guidance outside of my own research. let me tell you, after shaving with a straight razor daily for 3 weeks, I will never go back! I started out building confidence for a few days by only doing my right cheek and then jumped into the full deal. with this quality DOVO razor the things that I like are the rounded corners, a full hollow blade and a nice 5.8 size. those were things I found were perfect for beginners and pros alike. I have not yet cut myself which shows that the razor is forgiving. I love it and highly recommend it to everyone! strop twice daily, and do not get water in the hinge pin and NEVER store it in the bathroom to prevent the moisture from damaging it over time. if you take care of your razor it will outlast your children.