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    • Holder for Dovo disposable blade (shavette) razor
    • Black plastic holder slides into the head of a Dovo razor
    • Takes the Dovo long shavette blades


    Reknown straight blade company, Dovo, knows that not everyone has the time, talent, or initiative to maintain a straight edge razor. So, they've compromised with a "shavette" option. These disposable blade razors allow you to shave like a straight but reduce the maintenance to simple changing out a disposable blade. WIN-WIN! This black holder works in conjunction with Dovo shavette handles.

    This black plastic holder is designed to hold the Dovo long Shavette blades. Once the blade is secured in the holder, you can insert it into the head of a Dovo razor and shave the "cut-throat" way. The upkeep is minimally, the blades are inexpensive, and the hassle is minimal. All the best of straight razor shaving without the headache of stropping and honing.

    Try out Dovo disposable blade system with Dovo Shavette Black Blade Holder.

    Made in Germany

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