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The DOVO SPECIAL 1516 straight razor exudes a timeless retro charm, featuring a golden decorated blade and a handle crafted of tortoiseshell imitation. This classic piece has earned its place in our product line over the decades, offering a 5/8 inch hand-ground straight razor with a full hollow grind. Choosing the DOVO SPECIAL means selecting a razor that has stood proudly through generations, providing the same timeless elegance and quality that your grandfather appreciated.

The round point of the razor is a classic shape that has remained popular for centuries due to its versatility and safety features. Its curved design makes it suitable for shaving around delicate areas such as the ears, nose, and dimples, offering protection from potential injuries. The 5/8 inch blade is an all-rounder, capable of handling various wet shaving tasks with ease. Its weight allows for a gentle glide over the skin without applying excessive pressure, while its nimbleness ensures precision in navigating challenging areas like the nose, ears, and chin.

  • SKU: SR-DOV-515
  • Brand: Dovo
  • Type: Straight Razor

Dovo 5/8" Special Tortoise Straight Razor

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