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    • Classic straight razor
    • 5/8", full hollow ground, carbon steel
    • Faux tortoise shell scales


    The Dovo "Special" Faux Tortoise Round Tip 5/8" straight is one of Dovo's most popular models. The blade is forged high carbon steel with a hollow grind and a 24k gold etch of the brand. The handle is inlaid with the Dovo logo in sterling silver. The blade and handle are balanced for a great shave.

    Size: 5/8"
    Material: Carbon steel
    Grind: Full Hollow
    Scales: Faux Tortoise
    Markings: Inlaid Dovo logo in sterling silver. Gold etched blade.

    Dovo Straight Razors come with a factory edge that they guarantee for 2 years. Many customers find that they want a sharper edge than what comes from the factory, which can be accomplished through additional professional honing. We work with a professional honer, Max, who can add that edge to the razor. If you would like Max to hone your razor, please select the option from the drop down. (There is no delay in shipping it you choose this option.)

    Made in Solingen, Germany

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