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Dr. Jon's Eau de Toillette, 13

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  • Long-lasting Eau De Toilette
  • Loaded with natural ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, rose water, menthol
  • Scented with a collaboration with Wet Shave Review

When your hobby turns into a passion and then into an obsession, you must heed the call. That is what this artisan soap maker did. When his love for wet shaving turned him to soap making, he created Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Company. With his wife, he has concocted unique recipes to up your shaving game.

All of Dr. Jon's products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. This EDT allows you to take your favorite Dr. Jon's scents into your day. This stronger, longer lasting scent comes in a 50ml bottle. 

This scent, a collaboration with Wet Shaver Review, is such...
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