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    • Long-lasting Eau De Toilette
    • Loaded with natural ingredients: witch hazel, aloe, rose water, menthol
    • Scented with a twist on bay rum


    "Run a shot across the bow", "Come about and return fire", "Walk the plank". If your pirate blood gets boiling with a good yarn, then you will love the legend - and scent - of Dr. Jon's Aftershave Tonic, Anne Bonny. This artisan soap maker embraced the bay rum movement with a unique twist, like a female pirate.

    All of Dr. Jon's products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. This EDT allows you to take your favorite Dr. Jon's scents into your day. This stronger, longer lasting scent comes in a 50ml bottle. 

    One of the few lady pirates to sail the seven seas, Anne Bonny is said to have been a fiery, Irish redhead with a quick temper and deadly aim. But even she would have been in need of a bay rum scent after months on ship - just don't be the one to tell her so! Dr. Jon's take on this masculine classic is a blend of West Indies (Anne's stomping ground) Bay Rum essential oil, dark rum (a daily "tot" for sailors and pirates), black tea (well, most sailors in the West Indies had strong ties to Britain -- and their national drink), and a twist of lime (gotta prevent scurvy!).

    "Prepare to repel boarders" with Dr. Jon's Eau de Toillette, Anne Bonny.

    Size: 50ml

    Made in the USA

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