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    • "Shavette" razor from Dreadnought
    • Blades are replaceable
    • Does not require stropping and sharpening


    The gents across the pond at Dreadnought are at it again - creating products for the USA and Canada that combine "British craftsmanship and tradition with cutting edge technology" so you get the best of a modern day shave with a classic touch. For a true traditional shaving experience, grab the Dreadnought 'Cut-throat' Shavette/Straight Razor.

    A dreadnought fears nothing, and that might just be your philosophy as you take on the straight razor world. This grooming essential is a "shavette" (a close relative to the straight razor). The only difference is that shavette blades can be changed so you can always have the sharpest blade possible, without stropping and sharpening. That means you get the closest shave you can, every time.

    This 22 cm (fully opened) razor has the distinctive Dreadnought logo on the handle and the Dreadnought skull laser-etched on the blade-holder. It comes with a plastic slip case to keep your blade sharp until you are ready to change it out. It takes a standard DE blade so you can use your favorite. Don't have a favorite yet? Try out this sample pack.

    Get a touchably soft face when you dare to shave the "cut-throat" way with Dreadnought.

    Size: 22cm fully open

    Made in Great Britain