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    Some men avoid shaving in the traditional way. Instead of waking up and lathering a quality product to apply to the face, then using a top-notch blade to trim a beard or whiskers, many have turned to electric tools. Others drop the habit all together. Both solutions are less than ideal because few things are as satisfying as the daily ritual of a classic and quality shave.

    Dreadnought has developed a Shaving Solution that will turn the tables on those too lazy or cowardly to use a good blade. It may even turn them into real men. The reason is, with this product, you can conveniently pump just the right amount of cream into your palm, and it will provide a comfortable glide for the razor. There is no need to hack away at scraggly facial hair, and it is far more rewarding ' and gentlemanly ' than buzzing it off.

    Like all Dreadnought products, this one avoids harmful parabens. It does, however, rely on the wonderful decelerine to reduce the appearance of hair over time. That means you won't have to go through the process as often if you really don't want to. Yet, using this will give you a smooth and painless shave whenever you'd like one.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in Great Britain.

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