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    • After-shave balm from Duke Cannon
    • Mentholated, alcohol-free
    • Lightly scented with sandalwood


    If your definition of hard work includes words like "grime", "double-shift", "bootstraps", and "blisters", then we have the company for you. Duke Cannon isn't pulling any punches about its mission. They are creating products for men who aren't afraid to be men. In Duke's time, "They worked with their hands. They took pride in the things they built, not the things they bought." Duke Cannon Supply Co. is known for products made with top-quality ingredients that get the job done, no messing around here. But even a hard driving man can't scrap sharpened steel across his face without a bit of damage. Duke Cannon offers an After-shave balm just for you.

    If a quick round with a DE razor makes your face feel like a day's work of "slash & burn", then you will love this mentholated balm. It is alcohol-free so you don't traumatize your skin. Instead it is loaded with soothing aloe, shea butter, and allantoin. And the menthol gives you a nice cooling sensation. There are no parabens, sulfates, or other things "you don't want". It helps reduce redness, bumps/burn, and tightness.

    And it even smells like a man -- sandalwood. Duke Cannon Supply Co. is all about the "real" man. He isn't interested in impressing "a generation of men who have spent more time in a pottery barn store than a hardware store." Instead, he wants to bring you superior grade products for "men of a higher taste, not clowns." Be a man with Duke Cannon After-shave Balm.

    Size: 6oz

    Made in the USA