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    • Big block of bar soap from Duke Cannon
    • Made with American lager
    • Scented a manly woodsy aroma

    Rumor has it that one day Duke Cannon was sipping a shower beer when he had the idea of putting some in his soap. Viola - beer soap. As luck would have it however, he discovered that there are actually skin benefits to putting lager ON your body as well as in it. And thus was born Duke Cannon "Big Ass Beer Soap" because. . . well, the only thing better than drinking a beer is bathing in it.

    Being a loyal US-based company, Duke Cannon partnered with Old Milwaukee (producers of American lager since 1849) to create this large bar of soap. The bar is a hefty 10oz. so you get lots of clean. If it is too big, whip out your trusty pocket knife and slice off the size you want. This cleanser suds up well, cleans your nooks and crannies, and smells outstanding. (Ironically, however, it doesn't smell like beer.)

    Instead, it "smells like a man should". It has an attractive woodsy, sandalwood aroma that will make you feel strong and confident. (And the ladies kinda like it!) Grab a bar (or 6) today.

    This American-made brand is proud to support our men and women in uniform so a portion of proceeds from these products always benefits veterans.

    Size: 10oz

    Made in the USA

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