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    This "Big Ass Brick of Soap", created by the one and only Duke Cannon Supply Co., is for the days when you want to feel talented and in charge. The light citrus scent of bergamot mixes exotically with the spiciness of black pepper to create a scent that evokes toasting the day's efforts and triumphs with a highball of fine scotch, perhaps in a large leather chair in a wood-paneled man cave. It is, in essence, the smell of accomplishment, as the name of this bar suggests. Designed with steel cut grains to give a grip a true man can appreciate, in a huge ten ounce bar that truly burly hands can handle. Never fear; this brick is going to last you awhile. And it is going to clean you well. No pretentious ingredients full of fancy scents and suds here. Just good, old-fashioned soap for a good, old-fashioned kind of guy.

    Size: 10oz

    Made in the USA.

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