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    Wake yourself up each morning with a fresh, mint scent and a hint of menthol that will open your eyes wide and have you ready to produce your best work. Duke Cannon Supply Co.'s "Big Ass Brick of Soap" in "Productivity" will get your day going with the rise of the sun and will keep you clean and refreshed until you shut your eyes again at day's end. The added menthol cools the skin enough to revive and energize you even without your morning coffee. This soap is crafted using steel cut grains that give a great texture for gripping in a slippery shower. And this thing is a true brick, weighing in at ten ounces. This bar will last for quite awhile. And, on those days when you don't have time to check off as much on your mighty to-do list, sometimes just showering with the "Productivity" bar is quite enough. Size: 10z Made in the USA.

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