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    A true blue, big game hunter knows the importance of covering his scent. Animals tend to have a stronger smell compared to humans. A deer, for example, is estimated to have a nose 100 times stronger (in terms of picking up the faintest scents even in farther distances) than humans. This is why an experienced hunter is very wary with his scents, and the direction and force of the wind. All the camouflage in the world won't matter if the hunter doesn't mask his scent. If a deer catches wind of it -- game over. That deer is going to run like the wind.

    This is the importance of a soap that is lethal on odors, and this is where the Duke Canon Big-ol Brick of Hunting Soap comes in. This lean, mean, odor-killing machine is specifically made to capture, smother, and prevent the release of human scents.

    Cover up much of your scent and hunt like a pro with the Duke Cannon Big-ol Brick of Hunting soap!

    Size: 10oz

    Made in the USA.