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    Are you one of those guys who shaves your head all by yourself but can't seem to get that pesky neckline since you're balancing that mirror in one hand and the shaver in the other? Or perhaps does the person shearing those recalcitrant neck hairs always seem to veer off and leave you with an embarrassing uneven neckline? We would like to introduce the EDGUP Neckline Grooming Tool - a perfect instrument for those guys who shave their heads solo or anyone really who wants to trim up that neckline without all the hassle and without those lofty barbershop prices. Made from 100% Silicone, this simple device allows you to get the perfect line every time. This silicon shield is clear, fully flexible, and durable. Simply hold this product over the desired hairline with one hand and trim/shave excess hair with the other. It's fully customizable as well - you can cut the product with a scissors, using the gridlines as a guide. Create your own hairline template! Check out the simple and effective EDGUP Neckline Grooming Tool and make shaving your neckline precise and easy!

    Material: 100% Silicone.

    Designed in the USA. Made in China.

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