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    Keeping your face as ruggedly handsome as possible doesn't come easily. You have to have proper grooming and care, and a huge part of that comes from keeping your facial hair under control. This means you need to have a great kit that contains a quality razor and brush, such as the chrome Edwin Jagger 3-Piece DE Shaving Set. It's a beautiful option that also happens to be very functional. It features the DE89 razor along with a pure badger shaving brush with perfect bristles for creating the best lather you've ever used on your face. In addition, it comes with a stand and a pack of five Derby blades.

    You always want to make sure you have the right tools and accessories for a good shave, and this set is a great way to get much of what you need to start wet shaving again or for the first time. The chrome plating is actually quite tasteful, and it helps to make the design style something that should fit well into a number of different types of bathrooms with little trouble. The only thing you will need to add to the set is some quality soap or cream to get a nice lather going. Before you know it, you will be ruggedly handsome once again!

    Brush details:
    Total Height: 107mm (4.23 inches)
    Loft: 49.35mm (1.95 inches)
    Knot Diameter: 20.69mm (.81 inches)
    Hair: Pure Badger

    Dimensions are approximate.

    Made in England


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