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    Have you ever seen a shaving set that looked quite so nice? The ivory and chrome on this Edwin Jagger 3-Piece DE Shaving Set blend beautifully, and this could be the next, or first, great kit you own. It features nearly everything you will need, including a DE87 razor, a pack of five Derby blades, a pure badger shaving brush, and a chrome stand. The only thing that you will really need to get started is some soap and perhaps a bowl!

    For starters, this kit offers true quality. It will last for a long time as long as you take good care of the pieces and keep them clean and dry. It also happens to look great thanks to the color scheme, which should actually fit in well with many different bathroom styles. One of the features you are sure to love is the brush, which features real badger bristles for an authentic and traditional experience. Everything about this set screams excellence, so pick up one for you or as a gift today. You will love it.

    Brush details:
    • Total Height: 106.5mm (4.2 inches)
    • Loft: 49.4mm (1.95 inches)
    • Knot Diameter: 20.12 mm (.79 inches)
    • Hair: Pure Badger

    Dimensions are approximate.

    Made in England


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