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    Have you been searching for a high quality shave set that really brings out the traditionalist in you? If you have, then look no further than the fantastic imitation ivory Edwin Jagger 3-Piece Mach 3 Shaving Set. This item features most of the essentials you will need, including an imitation ivory Mach 3 razor, a brush that features 100% pure badger hair, and a matching stand. The stand looks just as nice as the other items and can help them to blend into and look great in nearly any bathroom.

    If you've wanted to start wet shaving, or you have been trying to find a perfect gift for someone in your life, this set is a great option. It has some wonderful features, and it looks fantastic. It is highly functional, as well. When you take great care of it, it can last for a long time. If ivory is not your style, consider other options, such as their briar wood model. Make sure you have all of the items and accessories you need for proper shaving, as well.

    Brush details:

    • Total Height: 108.73mm (4.29 inches)
    • Loft: 53.81mm (2.10 inches)
    • Knot Dia: 20mm (.79 inches)
    • Hair: Pure Badger

    Dimensions are approximate.

    Made in England.

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