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    The manual wet shave is once again growing in popularity. For many years, there was no other option than to lather up and use a straight razor to trim one's beard. The process would be repeated day after day in ritual because that is simply what one did.

    However, over time, this changed. Wet shaving fell out of favor. Electric razors were developed and made things simpler, and lazy men preferred a quick buzz instead of a quality cut. Fashions also transformed, and the beard came into vogue, meaning gentlemen often chose to forego the operation altogether. Yet after all that, gentlemen are coming back to the classic style of a quality razor and a traditional wet shave. And many of them are choosing to do so with Edwin Jagger products.

    But what to do after a shave? One must find a way to soothe the skin and refresh the face. A nice, crisp scent will help as well. That is why Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Aftershave, and specifically the Limes and Pomegranate option, were developed. Splash it gently on your face and let the natural oils heal and strengthen your skin, and you'll want to repeat it all again the next day.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in England.

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