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    Anyone searching for quality shaving cream knows that you just can't do it in most grocery stores. They feature too many chemicals and elements that are actually rough on your skin. Instead, you need to look for something a bit milder that can offer better quality, such as the Limes & Pomegranate Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Soap, seen here in a 65g tub. It might just be the perfect cream to make your shaving experience more enjoyable. Let's consider what it offers.

    First, think about the scent' limes and pomegranate. It's a combination that you do not see often, but it really does work nicely together. You will smell and enjoy the citrusy lime as well as the sweet pomegranate. It's a pleasant scent to use in the morning when you are still waking up that's for sure! You will also love how this cream feels. It's good for both normal and sensitive skin, and it uses 99.9 percent natural products and is paraben free to boot. Since this comes in a nice small tub, it's perfect to take with you when you are traveling. If you want something a bit larger, you can try some of the other sizes.

    Size: 65g

    Made in England.

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