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If you've ever experienced the annoyance of small cuts or nicks while shaving, you'll appreciate the benefits of the Edwin Jagger Alum Block. Shaving can often lead to minor skin abrasions and open pores, creating opportunities for bacteria and dirt to enter. The alum block serves as a convenient solution to this common problem, helping to close pores and prevent infection.

What sets the Edwin Jagger Alum Block apart is its dual functionality as both an antiseptic aftershave and a styptic agent. By simply dampening the block and applying it to the affected areas, you can effectively stop bleeding and soothe your skin. Furthermore, regular use of the alum block can contribute to smoother, irritation-free skin, making it an essential addition to your shaving routine. Its compact size also makes it ideal for travel, ensuring that you can maintain your grooming regimen wherever you go.

Size: 54g

Made in England.

  • Brand: Edwin Jagger
  • Type: Alum

Edwin Jagger Alum Block, 54g

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