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    This exquisite and unique colored handle reaches out for those with good taste when it comes to wet shaving products. There are not many safety razors out there that look like the Edwin Jagger 'Extra Long' Handle DE Safety Razor, Blue. The aforementioned stem is a soft and pale blue beautifully highlighted with a chrome head and bottom.

    Not only will the guys, but we think the ladies especially will appreciate the coloring on this one of a kind classic shaving tool. It has been almost half a century since a quality shaving instrument such as this has been geared toward women as well! So get lost in the blue...

    A 5 pack of Derby blades included in the box is at your disposal and will allow you to get started right away on your face or legs. All body hair and types are not alike, so check out our sampler packs for blades that best suit the aggressiveness and consistency that you desire. The 'extra long' handle on this product allows for greater range for those hard to reach places abbreviating those extra stretches for you and promoting more contact with the tool also. You'll be amazed at the closeness of the shave versus those disposable cartridges.

    Remember that beauty is in the eye and now the hand of the beholder with this delightful safety razor from Edwin Jagger.

    Length: 4 inches

    Weight: 77 grams

    Made in England.

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