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    Let's go girls! Guys, you can come too if you like lilac... Ladies, behold the lovely Edwin Jagger 'Extra Long' Handle DE Safety Razor, Lilac! It was designed with women in mind, and it's been over half a century since a classic shaving accessory like this has been available for the females, so rejoice!

    The floral themed handle is reminiscent of an Easter bouquet fit for royalty. You'll feel like a princess after you're done shaving with this safety razor. The silky smoothness of your skin after an encounter with this trumps the competition of the cheap drugstore variety that you're probably accustomed to - you'll notice a difference immediately and probably won't be able to stop touching your legs marveling at the closeness of the shave. Don't be afraid to show off this charming and exquisite product in your bathroom as well.

    The razor itself will last for a very long time, saving you unneeded expenses in the future. All you need to change out are the blades. Paired with your purchase are some Derby blades so you can begin immediately. Invest in a proper soap, cream, brush, and blades to complete the process and edify your experience.

    Length: 4.0 inches

    Weight: 68 grams

    Made in England.


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