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    If you are a fan of the Edwin Jagger DE89L but feel it was just a little too small for your massive mitts or you've just graduated from a Mach 3 and are attached to that particular handle length, your wait is over - the Edwin Jagger 'Extra Long' Handle DE Safety Razor, Lined Chrome has arrived! The beautifully crafted lined chrome handle beckons and behooves your fingers to embrace it, and those ridges on the stem won't allow it to slip out of your grasp easily, even when fingers become wet and lather-laden.

    Included in your purchase here is a 5 pack of Derby blades! West Coast Shaving has many different brands and types of razor blades that can suit and swipe your stubble type. Check out our sampler packs to get a little taste of everything and select the brands that suit you best. We also recommend the West Coast Shaving Stand 309, Chrome to showcase and hold this particular safety razor - it's a perfect match!

    Length: 3.7 inches

    Weight: 72 grams

    Made in England.

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