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    Yeah, it's pink. Ladies, your razor has finally arrived! Guys, it is pink (just think of it as light red), you can use it too, but it takes a very strong man... The Edwin Jagger 'Extra Long' Handle DE Safety Razor, Pink exudes feminine charm and quality design. DE safety razors are not just for the guys anymore.

    Ladies, if you've never experienced a DE safety razor on your legs and skin before, then we invite you to give it a try - the difference is tangible. So, discard the disposable cartridge razors, put aside the Venus for a while, and be entranced by the beauty and siren call of this shaving wonder. Let the weight and length of this fine handmade shaving accessory naturally guide your strokes and let its exquisite design and coloring captivate your attention and compliment your bathroom decor.

    Razors such as these will last a very long time; and as it is a 3 piece, the head easily twists off allowing for nearly effortless interchangeability of blades (a Derby 5 pack supplied with your initial purchase as well). And since blades are really the only thing you'll need to replace, you will end up saving money in the long run as well! We would like to suggest you lather up some Klar Women's Shaving Soap in a Tin on your legs to enhance your bath time experience.

    Length: 4.0 inches

    Weight: 77 grams

    Made in England.

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