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    A rose is a rose is a DE safety razor from Edwin Jagger? Most roses have thorns. This one does not, but it has a sharp edge, and you'll want that this time whether you're shaving your legs, face, or wherever there's unwanted body hair. The closeness of the shave that you'll experience with this product versus the cheap, disposable kind that you'll find in the beauty department of your local drugstore is unparalleled - you might even be able to go another day between shaves!

    The Edwin Jagger 'Extra Long' Handle DE Safety Razor, Rose with its floral-themed stem and chrome accents is sure to please. A classic shaving accessory like this specifically designed for women (or men if you're into that sort of thing) has not come along in over 50 years! This beauty is sure to shave the beastly, unwanted hair on all of us with style!

    Furthermore, you can get started immediately since your razor is conveniently packaged with a 5 pack of blades from Derby. Since this shaving product swiftly comes apart in 3 pieces, you can exchange blades deftly and easily. Instead of hiding your grungy razors that you acquired from the local drugstore behind a bathroom curtain or in a drawer, you'll want to showcase this beauty in your bathroom. Keep the theme going with some Valobra Masters Rose Soap.

    Length: 4.0 inches

    Weight: 68 grams

    Made in England.

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