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Edwin Jagger double edge safety razors are renowned for their superior head design, featuring handles and heads that achieve impeccable balance. The DE86 model exemplifies this standard with its striking ebony handle, crafted from black polyester and chrome plated. This handle not only adds to the razor's aesthetic appeal but also ensures excellent balance, allowing the weight of the head to effortlessly guide the shave. With its combination of functionality and elegance, the DE86 is a worthwhile investment at an affordable price point, catering to both novice wet shavers and seasoned enthusiasts. As a traditional three-piece razor compatible with all DE razor blades, it offers versatility and convenience, further enhanced by the inclusion of a complimentary Feather blade.

Edwin Jagger's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the DE86, from its ergonomic design to its exceptional performance. Whether you're embarking on your wet shaving journey or seeking to enhance your shaving experience, this razor delivers a blend of style and functionality that exceeds expectations. Experience the precision and comfort of Edwin Jagger craftsmanship with the DE86 double edge safety razor.

Length: 3.7 inches

Weight: 67 grams

Made in England.

  • SKU: RZ-EDW-DE86
  • Brand: Edwin Jagger
  • Type: Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE86 Double Edge Safety Razor, Black

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