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30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!

Edwin Jagger DE87811GBL Double Edged Safety Razor

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  • Stunning new razor from Edwin Jagger
  • Unique, knurled handle for enhanced wet grip
  • Chrome-plated and hand-finished

Edwin Jagger has been at the fore-front of men's wet shaving for decades. But with grooming essentials like this, you can see why. For two decades, EJ has been handcrafting razors, brushes, and creams in Sheffield, England. Always innovating and always high quality, check out this Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Black Chrome 3D Diamond.

New for 2015, this double-edge safety razor is turning heads with its unique, knurled handle for a stunning design and enhanced wet grip. The three-dimensional patterned handle is black with a raised diamond shaped finish. The popular, much-talked-about Edwin Jagger DE blade head is a favorite among the wet shaving crowd. The closed comb is expertly engineered and finished with high quality chrome plating.

These utensils are handcrafted by experts in England to ensure accurate weight, precision, and balance. Do not over-tighten the DE head or you risk stripping it. Also be aware that the cast metal is fragile if dropped so handle your razor with care.

Treat yourself to this stunning razor from one of the most beloved wet shaving companies: Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Black Chrome 3D Diamond. Ships with one Feather blade.

Length: 3.8 inches

Weight: 67 grams

Made in England