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    Frank D.
    • Value for Money

    Jagger de 89 razor

    Mild razor great shave it has one flaw the razor handle is chrome when wet it's slick difficult to control razor, one has to be aware of wet hands it came with a feather blade I got 4 shaved out of it it shaved very smooth no irritation good shave

    • Value for Money

    I'm Impressed

    I've been DE shaving for over 10 yrs w/ acquired classic gillete 1930 NEW long comb and a 1950's superspeed. This EJ DE89 is my first brand new store purchased razor and a pleasant surprise. I like the slick glide from shave soaps and coupled w/ the chrome on this 89, it was better than my well worn Gillettes. While it doesn't shave quite as close, it does provide a nic free shave. After 2 passes on my head and 4 passes on my face, I was very happy w/ the perfomance. We'll see how other blades compare after this Red IP is used up. Can't wait to try the Feathers (I'm not sure if they normally come w/ this razor or if WCS threw them in the package along w/ the stick of D.R Harris Marlboro as part of the "surprise" promotion). I've seen a few complaints about the threads on the head cap post. I compared it to my to my Gillette NEW and the posts appear to be the same diameter. The threading is similar too as I ******* the top cap of the 89 into my gillette and the gillette into the 89. Both fit the same. Having said that, I'll be gentle. As for the smooth chromed handle, I like it. I can see where some soapy hands could have some trouble but shaving in front of the sink after my shower, I had no problems. I'm very happy I finally took the plunge and picked up a modern shaver to go w/ my classics.


    great razor to use with sharp blades

    I found so far that this razor coupled with Feather blades is the perfect combo, assuming I have correct technique and lather appropriately. Love the smooth chrome and the rugged simplicity


    Huge improvement from Micro Touch One!

    Just got this today and using the same blades as my Micro Touch One (a nice butterfly razor) and I noticed an immediate improvement. Not only were my sensitive neck areas not irritated, the shave was very smooth. The weight, balance and look of this razor is amazing. Don't let the smooth chrome scare you away. I have not had any issues with the handle being slippery. This may be due to how well the razor balances in my hand as well as the edge of the handle sits inside my palm. I'm glad I didn't get the lined version as the chrome on this is gorgeous. This is an excellent tool.


    Great Razor

    This has been my go to razor for almost a year. It gives me great shaves and is very easy to use. This was my second razor I bought when I started wet shaving a year ago after years of using disposables and electric razors. I've never looked back and this is only the second razor I've bought.